- Monero pool compatible Claymore Cryptonote miner v9.7 has been released
  Now you can mine with username.workername form. Devfee reduced for secure ssl connection.
- There's some mining helper program for miningpoolhub. Try mph-manager (easy setting helper) and MultiPoolMiner (Auto switching based on hardware hashrate)

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Influx pool opened!, posted Feb 12, 2016 at 02:45 (UTC)

Influx pool opened!

Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid
Hashing Algorithm: X11 
Time Between Blocks: 4 minutes
Block Reward: 25
Block Reward Halving Rate: 120,000
Min/Max Stake in Days 2/60
Pre-mine: No Premine   
Total Coins: 12,000,000
Yearly Interest %: 8